In the Active Voice (Routledge Revivals): Volume 1

La estrella mas brillante is a crossword puzzle clue. City daily · ___ de México ( Mexico City daily) · "The sun," in Spanish · It shines in España.

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Has to be Heston Bloomenthall. I love the way he can recreate the most simple of British dishes into something brilliant. I loved to cook even then. Probably a Conger Eel, it was dead but it still moved and writhed, it was really unusual and definitely one of my weirdest food experiences. Indian food, I love Indian food. The way the spices are used is brilliant. I am also a sucker for a good fish dish as well, especially British caught fish.

Having recently undergone a re-paint it is looking shiny and new, ready for the summer. Enjoy an exquisite dining experience at the newly opened restaurant, Assembly at Rickerby Retreat. With three alternate menus, each designed to correspond with the time of day, you can enjoy a luxury meal no matter what time you go. Choose from the Brunch, Lunch or A la Carte evening menu. Only a 10 minute drive from Carlisle City Centre, Assembly boasts magnificent views of Rickerby Park, offering a relaxing and intimate atmosphere. There is nowhere quite like Assembly, so why not treat someone special this summer?

Method Rub the salmon and smoked haddock with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and cook in a hot oven for 6 minutes, allow to cool. Blanch the asparagus in salted boiling water for 2 minutes then run under cold water until cooled. In a mixing bowl, gently flake the cooked fish and mix gently into the other ingredients, shape into 4 even sized balls, and gently squash them into fish cake shapes, First dip in flour then beaten egg and finally into breadcrumbs. Fry the fish cakes in a little olive oil on both sides until lightly coloured and crispy before placing in a hot oven for minutes.

Serve the fishcakes with some fresh rocket and summer salad leaves and spoon the dressing around. The Twin Clutch System by Suzuki TCSS is the first transmission of its type that Suzuki has offered to the market and is confident that it will appeal to diesel buyers in the ever growing Crossover market sector.

TCSS is a six speed automated manual transmission that incorporates hydraulically controlled clutches and a gear change assembly that enables it to be driven in a similar way to an automatic gearbox. The system utilises one clutch for 1st, 3rd and 5th gears and the other for 2nd, 4th and 6th gears. Operating the transmission in this way ensures that whether the driver is accelerating or decelerating, the. Coupled to the latest Euro 6 compliant 1. Gear changes can also be manually operated via paddles behind the steering wheel. Gear ratios are slightly different for the TCSS equipped model and a full S-Cross specification sheet follows at the end of this release.

The new transmission has a wide gear ratio range to permit precise driver control which also helps provide quick response at low vehicle speeds for instance, when pulling away from standstill or driving on an incline. The wide ratios also help the engine to run at lower rpm when cruising too. The transmission has an expanded lockup range to promote good acceleration, high fuel economy, and overall quietness.

Additionally, a manual mode is incorporated to enable the driver to change up or down the gearbox using shift paddles behind the steering wheel. The combination of four-wheel drive and an automatic transmission is typically seen as detrimental to CO2 emissions performance and fuel economy. However, the return of the League One campaign can only lightly mask the feelings of disappointment, continued frustration and downright confusion over what is and isn't the future of United.

This is the best time of the season for most clubs. Before a ball has been kicked and when glib pledges of better just around the corner have not yet been exploded as fantasy. The reality is often very different by the end of August. Managers and players say all the right things. Well, you wouldn't expect them to admit they are worried and that an air of gloom hovers above their club even before the usual round of pre-season games and the big kick off. I wonder what constraints have affected Keith Curle's rebuilding job at Carlisle?

How can a manager operate when he doesn't really know who will be his bosses long term? And, when there's so much uncertainty about the future direction, what sort of budget is he being asked to. It's evident where Curle's thinking is directed. He wants scrappers. Players who will roll their sleeves up, put their bodies on the line, rather than show ponies who may not fancy two long away trips in a week come the bitter chill of winter. It is going to be tough with League One this season looking, for all the world, like the Division Three South of yesteryear.

The teams that have come down and those coming up have a distinct southern bias which means United are going to have to cover a few thousand extra miles. The only people happy with this fixture list will be the London Branch of the Supporters' Club. As a former top defender, Curle has seen what supporters have known for a long time--every day is Christmas Day for our defence which has become all-too accustomed to handing out gifts to opposing forwards. We work on the signings the way we do simply because when a team is consistently conceding goals, season after season, then it suggests there have been problems at the back," he said.

Curle will have seen evidence that there is an audience out there just desperate for a winning team. Desperate also to cut through the mysteries cloaking what's happening with the club amid all the smokescreens of businesses confidentiality, lock-down arrangements, billionaires, the Lapping plan, Blue Yonder and more. But while previously loyal fans say they would rather travel away than watch their team at Brunton Park, there are too many fences to mend and bridges to build before Blues' supporters can look forward with real confidence. With the new kit to be launched this month everything is coming together nicely.

We are keen to work with businesses and communities from across Cumbria, not just Carlisle, and get them involved in the Club in ways which will also benefit them. Alpha Sudoku Place a letter from A to F in each empty cell so every row, every column and every 2x3 box contains all the letters A to F. Across 1. Jack and the 9 These can be prevented with treatments that are both simple to administer and reasonably priced. So who are the most common offenders in the world of creepy crawlies? Fleas The most common type of flea found on dogs and cats is a cat flea which as well as causing skin problems can also transfer tapeworms.

With Caroline Jahnsdorf The main problems we see are: irritation and skin infections where they bite and significant disease by transmitting infection via their mouthparts Lymes disease. They can be difficult to remove as they attach tightly, so please do not pull them out as you can leave behind some of these mouthparts and cause a skin reaction or abscess. Seek advise from your vet. Treatment There are a lot of different products out there, spot-ons, tablets, injections and sprays, and they are tailored to specific parasites and specific animals. Due to the amount of treatments available always seek advice from your vet as they can select the right treatment for every individual situation.

There are a lot more parasites out there than those discussed above so if you have any concerns please call your vets for advise, that is what we are here for. See you soon, Caroline. They are typically a parasite seen between spring and autumn although a warm winter can allow their survival. So in Cumbria we have many high-risk areas. The upbeat and dreamy tracks are perfect for the summer months. This is not an album you are likely to get board of as each track brings something new and has its own unique sound.

The songs are nothing short of excellent both lyrically and in the way the music is composed. There are hints of blues, pop, and Indie but overall the album creates its own individual genre that is perfect to either chill out to or tap your feet to the beat. Suddenly Last Summer tells the tale of the deeply traumatised and questionably mad, Catherine who witnessed the death of her cousin and poet, Sebastian, in the Italian town of Cabeza de Lobo. Ben Ingles strikes a perfect balance of authority and concern for his potential clients but it was the female roles that triumphed in this production.

In an excellent and talented cast Emily Tucker stole the show with her energetic and turbulent portrayal of Catherine. Tuckers vein-popping performance was expertly accompanied by the female members of the supporting cast; Cate Hamer as Mrs Holly, Polly Lister as Sister Felicity and Kate Layden as Mrs Venable, who with just the curl of her lip could convey power, status and emotion. The vast exotic garden was presented simply but the actors used this to their advantage; as they weaved through the set they gave the impression that it was indeed thick and lustrous.

The decision to show this play in the studio and in a round was expertly judged and enhanced the confusion and hysteria in Tuckers portrayal of Catherine. It would have been a sin to interrupt these talented performers and the atmosphere they had created with an interval, the 90 minute performance ran from start to finish without interruption. In contrast to the almost chaotic atmosphere in Suddenly Last Summer is the charming one act play, Mister Paradise. A young, enthusiastic fan played by Charlotted Mulliner, tracks down her poetic hero Mister Paradise, excellently played by Peter McQueen, in an attempt to bring him out of retirement and his work to the world.

The event which was originally known as Spyatstock will return its third year and it promises to be bigger and better than ever. With over 50 local artists the event is set to be another excellent platform for Cumbrian talent to showcase their work on. The event kicks off on Friday July 17 and will run through. The festival was set up in by local musician Damon McRea and Matthew Turnbull to raise money for CDH UK and it continues to be a non-profit event that raises money for various charities.

We are hoping for a good turn out as we want to raise as much money as we can. We also want people to come and experience a really local, intimate festival and see what Aspatria has to offer. It acts as a platform for new artists aswell. We want to be recognised as an area for events like this. After having some time to recuperate after its 10 year anniversary in the festival is ready for and they organisers have some surprises up their sleeves!

People, this year will have more of an opportunity to move around and try the other stages. It just shows how popular the festival is, we are expecting around 4, people this year! And there is so much to do, not only are there fantastic acts on various stages throughout the day and night but there are areas for children to do craft, and lots of stalls. This year, despite there being no headline act there will be 71 The Carlisle Guide.

Since the band was formed in the band has performed all over Cumbria, performing at festivals, in pubs and other music events. Before we can even begin to put lyrics together we need backing music first. Not everybody write like this but for me the riffs come first. One of the guys was over there and after visiting a few bars realised all the working girls where dancing the same and wearing the same clothes in most of the bars. After a few more drinks he decided to approach one of the girls. He was told he must go and see the mama-san who is the bar owner.

We have been well supported, since opening, by the local community who continue to bring their memories and items to the Haig Collection, and for that we are very thankful and hope that we will continue to reflect the coal mining industry with true pride. We have for many years valued the work of our staff, volunteers and placements and their contribution to what Haig has achieved up to now.

And as we move forward from the development into operations we are appealing for volunteers with a variety of experience. Professional business experience to join our volunteer board and help us develop our sustainable business potential. So if you are looking to spend a few hours somewhere different why not try us.

You can contact us on , info haigpit. Maryport, in particular, plays an important and significant part in understanding Roman Britain, a role which seems to be growing with every excavation. A team of archaeologists and volunteers are currently carrying out the fifth and final excavation of a five year project on the site near Maryport Senhouse Museum. The dig, which started in early June, was originally excavated in by amateur archaeologist Joseph Robinson where the remains of the ancient Roman fort named Alauna were first uncovered.

The alters make up one of the largest collections of Roman alters in Europe which is now housed in Maryport Senhouse Museum. The issue with our alters is, we know where they were found in but where were they set up when the Romans were using them? And this is the importance of this years dig, this is what the team are looking for; where were they set up when they were being used? The team found another complete altar at the site in the excavation, with the fifth inscription recovered from the Roman Empire to record T Attius Tutor, commander of the Maryport garrison.

Finds from the graves were few, but included a bead bracelet and necklace and a tiny fragment of ancient textile; a remarkable survival. Carbon dating of the fragment showed the wool from which the textile was woven was most probably sheared sometime between AD and AD In the team unearthed the north-westernmost classical temple known from the Roman world, built in the second century. In the team completed their investigation of the classical temple, including the section of collapsed wall recovered at its southern end, and other possible temple structures nearby.

Potentially there can be something new happening every day and ideas change. Getting into the swing of things J azz is good for you! Carlisle Jazz Club meet every Thursday at the Carlisle Rugby Union Club to enjoy some brilliant live music, socialise and have a genuinely good time around upbeat people. Why not try something a bit different? Every week varies but the friendly, happy atmosphere always remains. The events start at pm and run through until 11pm with an interval.

From an 11 year old who recently played at the club to a 92 year old man that could give some of the best pianists a run for their money. Easily mistaken for other flatfish, a flounder differs in that it can be found looking for food and living for periods in fresh water. The underside is white. Its distribution is wide, north to the Barents Sea, South to the Mediterranean, and now also off the Eastern coast of the US, probably arriving there as larvae in ballast water of merchant ships.

They move into deeper water to spawn in early spring, eggs and sperm floating up and mixing at the surface. Hybridisation can occur with the plaice making identification tricky! Flounders are mainly nocturnal feeders, searching out shrimps, worms and small molluscs on the seabed. Flounder stocks are not under the same commercial fishing pressure as plaice or sole and although it is popular abroad the British have yet to be convinced that it eats as well.

Additional trains operate between Barrow-in-Furness and Millom - please see Northern timetable guide 6 for full details. No Sunday service between Barrow-in-Furness and Whitehaven. Additional trains operate between Millom and Barrow-in-Furness - please see Northern timetable guide 6 for full details. No Sunday service between Whitehaven and Barrow-in-Furness. For train times and fares information visit our website or call National Rail Enquiries 48 49 They were then executed at Harraby Hall or at the Capon tree in Carlisle Pageant Feature Brampton where were hung, drawn and quartered.

On the train back from Inverness to Glasgow all the sailors were on board, I had a Ivor Nicholas Feature bit of a sailor outfit on and they made quite a fuss of it in the carriage. According to Adam Hochschild, author of King Leopold's Ghost "It's rare when an extraordinary artist wins a biographer of equal quality. As someone who admired Jan Yoors greatly and once spent a few days in his unusual household, I'm delighted to see this story told with grace, with careful research, and with such compassion for the women who were an invisible part of his work. Comments: How does a year-old woman who's never been married find happiness with a two-time widower seeking his third wife on.

Lynn Goodwin tells all and more in Never Too Late. Comments: Women will be interested to look for a road map to navigate their present lives, to help figure out where they belong, or to reflect on their own lives as they see themselves at home. Justice, Faith L. Comments: This is the story of a forgotten woman Roman Empress Placidia from a chaotic time early 5C-just before the fall of Rome.

She rules the failing Western Roman Empire--a life of ambition, power and intrigue she doesn't seek, but can't refuse. A passionate woman and mother, Placidia suffers love, loss, and betrayal in this "fun, fast read with It gets extra points for giving us a female lead character who's not written about to death. Comments: Accidental Jesus Freak explores the factors and influences that led an otherwise intelligent and talented young woman to be drawn into an evangelical cult environment, subjecting herself to its patriarchal culture and subjugating herself to men and the fundamentalist teachings.

Both a cautionary tale and celebration of personal empowerment, Accidental Jesus Freak is a powerful reminder for all, and especially women, who seek to live authentic lives. Comments: Reeve Lindbergh is the daughter of aviators-authors Charles A. In Two Lives, she writes about her life navigating between fame and privacy, as spokesperson for what was arguably the most famous family of the 20th century.

Reeve writes about life on her farm in Vermont with the same ease she describes delving into the Lindbergh archives. Comments: This book, the second to grow out of my 25 years traveling and writing in Russia, covers the most remarkable--and most difficult--year of my life. At age 50, married and the mother of two children in their early 20s, I left my job as managing editor of a daily newspaper in the San Francisco Bay Area in to move to Russia for a year as a United States Information Agency Journalist-in-Residence.

I would be midwifing newly independent newspapers in the birth of an open press in that post-Soviet, pre-Putin bubble of freedom. I would view Russia from my flat on the embankment of the Moscow River and from my sometimes humorous, shoulder-to-shoulder participation in the life of the largest country in the world. At the same time, I would be embarking on a personal journey that would wrench my life in a way I could never have anticipated.

Comments: This book is a must-read for all of us. In America, opioid addiction is an epidemic. This memoir is striking because --it describes life after Bobby left the structure and protection of multiple rehabilitation centers and half-way houses -- not a lot of books address assimilating back into society after addiction--it describes the importance of a caring community willing to move past the shame and stigma of addiction.

Comments: Seventeen-year-old Abigail Milton arrives in Charleston from England, sent away to ease her destitute family's burden. She carries a dark secret with her. Douglas Elling takes Abby in as a favor. He is withdrawn, due to loss. He's set aside his work as an Abolitionist, but his attempt to guide Abby rekindles his hopes of improving people's lives. Set twenty years before the Civil War, and filled with authentic detail about The Underground Railroad and the Abolitionist movement, this is a memorable, moving debut novel about painful histories, new hopes, social change, and second chances.

Comments: I write stories about women's lives, using voices that authenticate and validate the experience of being female. Much of my own personal growth and understanding has been catalyzed by reading novels written by and about women; women in trouble, women in different cultures, women holding together their own and everyone else's lives around them. My desire is to contribute meaningfully to this lexicon of work in a way that resonates with and inspires women, and helps inform men.

Comments: Linda A. Curtis tells the story of how she left the Jehovah's Witness faith, and with it her family and friends. Her story is about starting over and discovering who she was, what she believed, and how she wanted to live her life. This book is for anyone who has ever felt completely alone and isolated in the world, and for those who want to discover what is truly in their hearts.

Comments: In , at the age of twenty-one, Rosenberger was studying in France with the legendary Nadia Boulanger and preparing to enter prestigious European competitions when she became ill with paralytic polio--a "musical death sentence. In this moving, beautifully written, and inspiring memoir, Rosenberger shares the story of her eventual, stunning return to the stage. The story is about polio, but even more about her decade-long effort to realize her dream.

Now older, Anna receives an unexpected email from the Italian lover she knew decades before. The story moves back to and her youth in Rome and Paris, when an unexpected pregnancy, an anonymous letter, and threatening relatives forced Anna to make choices she now has the opportunity to reconsider.

A moving novel about a mother's regret and an illicit love transcending time, space, and conventional morality. Comments: Only one person believed Jane Parnell when she reported being raped at twenty-one: the mountain man who first led her up one peak after another in the Colorado Rockies and who then became her husband. Parnell took to mountaineering in the Rocky Mountains as a means to overcome her family's history of mental illness and the trauma of the rape.

By age thirty she became the first woman to climb the highest peaks of the state. Parnell's memoir spans half a century. Her personal journey dramatizes evolving gender roles from the s to the present. In the tradition of Cheryl Strayed's Wild and Tracy Ross's The Source of All Things, Parnell's mountaineering memoir shows us how, by pushing ourselves to the limits of our physical endurance and by confronting our deepest fears, we can become whole again.

Comments: It's an interesting study in how a young, sheltered girl could grow up in a happy family atmosphere living in the shadow of a white supremacist government, and what follows when she learns the truth. Not just a memoir, the book is also a young girl's coming of age story. There are little bits of understanding that creep through into her life, just enough to cause anxiety and fear of an unknown "dragon. Comments: In this collection of short prose, Jan Seale takes on everything from student bloopers to sparrows, navel-gazing to needles, silkworms to Southern sayings.

Comments: Pressure Cooker Christmas is an evergreen novel, written in first person point of view with Marlene's wit and insight. It is realistic as the pressure ramps up for Marlene and her scrooge--like husband, Bob. It's their Christmas from hell; it will make readers appreciate their own Christmases. The story is written with humor, honesty, and suspense, with an unexpected wedding, an adult daughter's pending divorce, illness, parties, flaring tempers, money worries, inclusion of elderly parents, and Christmas.

Marlene experiences a personal epiphany as the family is jolted by an accident followed by long days waiting for good news at the intensive care unit. Pressure Cooker Christmas is more than another story about the magical allure of Christmas, but rather it is about the bonds of family love, no matter what. Comments: A Good Girl is the story of relationships and how they evolve over time.

The novel explores the complexities of marriage, mother-daughter relationships, and the many roles women play in their lives. The protagonist is a middle-aged woman who returns home to bury her father, seeking forgiveness of herself and other family members. A Good Girl spans three centuries and two countries as it examines the numbing work of raising children and burying parents through multiple generations.

Comments: Sara Sue Hoklotubbe, a Cherokee tribal citizen, is the author of the award-winning Sadie Walela Mystery series, which has become known for it's genuine representation of modern life in the Cherokee nation, a fierce and shrewd protagonist, and plot-driven story. The latest in this series, this is quite possibly her best yet. Comments: Patricia William's While They're Still Here is a memoir of a daughter's love for her aging parents, and chronicles her experiences caring for them in the final years of their lives. Williams writes with heart, honesty, humor and affection for the parents she had come to fall in love with again in their twilight years.

With professional wisdom steeped in personal pain, the story follows their relationship over decade and shows the evolution of childhood grief over time. A story of resilience, hope and family healing. Comments: In her powerful and diverse collection, THIS FAR ISN'T FAR ENOUGH, Sloan writes about people on the edges: people that others look past or dismiss, or people at defining moments, ready to leap--the loving disabled boy and his exhausted mother; an Alzheimer's caregiver assessing his life; a mother whose troubled son creates a situation that forces her to see his absent father for the first time in decades.

Comments: On an island in Puget Sound, two women waken to a rock crashing through their window. As the attacks continue and worsen, the local police blame a local vagrant boy, but the women--professional photographer, Veronica Lorimer, and retired prosecuting attorney, Charlotte McAllister--suspect the source is a local church group and may involve their own pasts and Veronica's estranged family. It's a tale of two women confronting the insidious power of hatred. Comments: This is a love story within a love story, an honest look at how romance presented me the option of facing misconceptions about my spiritual heritage, and choosing to find my place within it.

It can speak to anyone who has worked to find her spiritual center, and to find the courage to defy expectations. Comments: A career woman with no children but with massively unresolved issues about her mother, Gayle Greene goes through two losses in quick succession--first, her aunt's, sudden and unexpected, then her mother's drawn-out, agonizing death at home.

As the professional identity on which she's based her selfhood comes to feel brittle and trivial, she is catapulted into questions of, "who am I", and "what have I done with my life? Comments: Pale Hearts explores the dark side of women's passions. In popular culture, women are expected to be cheerful and pretty, but Eckart celebrates the ones who are sad, angry, and scared.

In this story collection, a depressed teenager destroys her grandmother's most prized possession. A lonely college student stalks a classmate. A fearful mother goes to desperate lengths to protect her only son. Compulsive Reader called the collection "both literature and entertainment," a work "unique and outstanding first and foremost for [Eckart]'s literary craftwomanship.

Comments: Curva Peligrosa is a wildly inventive, consistently engaging, and amusing comic novel, but under its bright exterior lurk darker undertones and truths; it's a book which attempts to say serious and important things about language, story-telling, mortality, indigenous cultures, love, and sex. At its center is a big woman--Curva Peligrosa. Over six feet tall, she is possessed of magical powers. She also is adventurous, amorous, sexual, and fecund. With the greenest of thumbs, she creates a tropical habitat in an arctic clime, and she has a wicked trigger finger.

The novel also celebrates female power. Comments: "Esfir Is Alive" is based on a true story of a young Jewish girl who is the only-known survivor of a horrific massacre of 50, Jews in the forest of Belorussia in Women will be inspired by Esfir's compassionate and creative character, as well as her heroism. Comments: 2. Based on author Joan Jackson's true experiences with her schizophrenic brother and her talent for always being there "just in time" to save him trouble, her upcoming novel, Just In Time, offers a vivid firsthand account of the day-to-day rollercoaster of life with a schizophrenic.

Enlightening and insightful, Just in Time addresses the stigma of mental illness with humor and compassion in the hope of providing a better understanding of lifelong diseases while celebrating the resilience of the human spirit and family love. Comments: Travels with Maggie by Pat Bean is a book about one woman's fulfillment of a dream that began when she was 10 years old. It chronicles a 7,mile RV journeythrough 23 states and Canada. The odyssey begins in May of from a daughter's home in Arkansas, and ends in time for Thanksgiving at another daughter's home in Texas.

Travels with Maggie is also the story of a woman's relationship with her canine companion, and a story about chasing birds across America by a fledgling birdwatcher. Comments: An intriguing story for those of us who always wished we had been there when Mabel Dodge Luhan held court in Taos for luminaries of art and literature.

Comments: Extraordinary life changes are in store for Maureen Gardner when she responds to a help-wanted ad. A professional woman, victim of a double betrayal, Maureen is more than ready for a change. She moves to eastern Washington where rancher John Cahill, mourning his wife's recent death, is desperate for someone to care for his seven-year-old daughter and oversee his household.

Will destiny carve a path through pain and disappointment? Comments: Three women, each at a crossroads in her life, meet at the former Carnegie library in New Hope, Kansas. It's now struggling to survive as an arts center. The women find common cause in working to save it, taking inspiration from their foremothers, who more than a century before applied for a Carnegie grant to grow a library on the Plains.

Facing doubting husbands, their own insecurities, and more, the women and their friends quilt and knit to fund the future they desire, and in the process rediscover their own power and worth. The experience of female friendship is delved into, with guest essays and chapters that deal with topics of interest to females; faith, envy, young motherhood, and childhood experiences that led to such varied friendship experiences. I never learned to have female friends, due to being bullied by females as a child.

My co-author was the opposite, with hundreds of female friends. Comments: Sharon Harrigan's father died in a bizarre accident when she was seven years old. He went out to kill a deer, and the deer killed him. Her whole life, she wondered how this family legend could possibly be true. As an adult, she embarks on a two-year odyssey to unravel the mystery. She goes in search of her father, but finds her mother--and herself--instead. Any woman who is a daughter or a mother will be interested in reading this haunting memoir.

Thomas, Heidi M. Seeking the American Dream by Heidi M. Character is a strong woman who perseveres and overcomes language barriers, prejudice, and a hard life in rural eastern Montana. Comments: Love, Bill traces a daughter's discovery of the father she barely knew, and is a testament to the bond between fathers and daughters. After inheriting letters written by her father to her mother during World War II, Jan discovers the father who died when she was young.

Using her art historian skills, she uncovers her parents' story, and embarks on an international pilgrimage. When Jan finds the family who provided her father, a lonely soldier, a feeling of home, she is able to carry out her a wish her father expressed in his letters, but never lived to fulfill. Comments: In Jan English Leary's collection of sixteen short stories, we meet characters who are at their most vulnerable--lonely or grief-stricken, tackling change or revelation. For instance, on "Eunuchs," a boarding school teacher empathizes with her foreign student's alienation, but his dramatic rejection of the institution makes her realize how alienated she is, and in "Skin Art," a cutter finally discovers a way to appreciate her body--even though her husband is critical.

Many stories are about issues pertaining to women's lives--weight, infertility, miscarriage--and I believe they would resonate with your readers. Comments: This memoir explores gender limitations and self-esteem in the s, ivorce, mid-life crisis, risk taking, and decidedly female take on a multitude of social issues. Comments: The ghosts of the past haunt a woman's search for herself in this thoughtful, poignant memoir about the transformative power of love and faith. Comments: "Writing for Bliss" offers practical steps for discovering and writing the story that is inside you and yearning to be told.

A valuable how-to guide for anyone interested in growth and personal transformation, as well as aspiring writers, and academics. Comments: Carolyn's 7th book is her first memoir. As a founder of Texas Book Festival. I do not know whether Carolyn is an SCN member, and so checked no, although she may be. Comments: The protagonist is a smart, educated female doctor devoted to helping the Blackfeet Indians. The Glacier Park setting is lovingly described, the characters with a few exceptions are likeable, including her dog, and the story is both spiritually uplifting and loads of fun.

In these trying times, we need books like this one that encourage women to stand up for themselves, treat others with kindness, and pursue their dreams--especially dreams that involve making the world a better place. Comments: Chronicles the fear that any woman would feel if her child were threatened by a kidnapper. When eighty-five-year-old art professor Ludka Zeilonka's grandson, Tommy, is among a group of gay teachers fired over concerns that they're silencing Christian kids in the classroom, Ludka is drawn into the political firestorm--as both sides battle to preserve their respective rights to free speech, the hatred on display raises the specter of her WWII past.

What Dempsey does brilliantly in this novel is to depict both sides evenly and without creating caricatures, making her larger point-- about the importance of empathy in public discourse today--all the more memorable. The novel is a deeply compelling, thought-provoking read. Comments: In , Martin's shock at receiving a breast cancer diagnosis was compounded by her own deep fears. As a self-described wimp--afraid of needles and uncomfortable with sedation--how was she going to manage?

Her emails to her Everyone--the community of family and friends supporting her--and old journal entries are at the heart of this book. It's moving, brave, informative, and occasionally funny--and it speaks to us all. Oakley's conservative persona clashed with Smith's tendency to wear flashy clothes and keep company with the cowboys and American Indians she performed with.

This first biography chronicles the life that Smith led and explores the talents that made her a star. In the end, Smith cared more about living her life on her own terms than about her public image. Unlike her competitors who shot to make a living, Lillian Smith lived to shoot. Comments: The book unravels Becky's experiences with losing her year-old brother in a waterskiing accident; her son's degenerative disease and subsequent death; her daughter's autism diagnosis; her divorce; and finally, the onset of transverse myelitis that would left Becky paralyzed from the waist down.

And yet, there's inspiration, hope, and strength in every chapter and every turn of Becky's life, offering readers a powerful narrative on being dealt life's most difficult cards, and finding the resilience within to let go and rethink what's possible. But Lena soon finds herself navigating anti-refugee sentiment, wartime deprivations, a new romance with a wealthy Englishman, and the progressive politics that will eventually oust Churchill.

Based on family history and a trove of personal letters, When It's Over is a moving, resonant, and timely debut. Comments: Amy Hale Auker's first book of essays, Rightful Place, was the story of a woman finding beauty in her place, the Llano Estacado. Her new collection of creative non-fiction, Ordinary Skin, explores her mid-life transition with prose poems and essays that illustrate a new terrain as well as new ways of being in the world.

Touching on faith and body image and belonging, these essays explore our role in deciding what is favorable or unfavorable, as well as where we someday want to dwell, and who came before us. Comments: The book tells the story of a 64 year old woman who takes a risk, starts a new business and re-invents herself. She gives readers a personal, in-depth, and honest look at what it's like to be an innkeeper over a challenging twenty-year period.

Comments: Throughout the occupation of Yalta and the family's work in forced labor camps in Germany, it is the Russian women who mainly provide for their livelihoods and make the practical, necessary decisions amongst the chaos. After the family is torn apart by World War II, refugee Galina is left to fend for herself with her mother, Ksenia, and her newborn daughter.

With father Ilya's declining health and new husband's Filip inability to act in crucial moments, Galina and Ksenia stand out in their heartiness, bravery and determination to fight for their family's survival. Comments: Thin Mint Memories--the story of Girl Scouting told through cookie sales--is one that resonates with many women because of their own connection with the group. Since the cookie sale is nationwide, this book will give better insight to those who support their local Girl Scouts by sharing a story that is told from the national, local, troop, and individual girl perspectives. Comments: Whereas many people mistakenly assume "creativity" is a term reserved only for those engaged in certain professions or possessing artistic gifts, Wild Ideas instead invites any willing, open-minded reader on an intimate and provocative journey designed to spur transformation--whether personally or professionally.

Women readers will be interested because I use my own experience as a woman to illustrate many of my themes. Comments: After Pearl Harbor, little Marie Mitsui, who considers herself a typical American girl, sees her life of school and playing with friends in San Francisco totally upended. Her family and , others of Japanese ancestry are forcibly relocated to internment camps far from home. Living conditions in the camps are harsh, life after camp is similarly harsh, but in the end, as she and her family make their way back to California, Marie sees hope for the future.

Told from a child's perspective, The Little Exile deftly conveys Marie's innocence, wonder, fear, and outrage. Comments: The Broken Spoke for past 52 years has remained unchanged though today the original rustic, barn-style building on South Lamar Boulevard sits surrounded by sleek, high-rise apartment buildings, a tribute and remembrance to an Austin that has almost vanished. Housing 50 years of country music memorabilia and about a thousand lifetimes of memories at the Broken Spoke, proprietors James and Annetta White still honor a promise made to the late legendary entertainer Ernest Tubb years ago: they're "keeping' it country.

Comments: Grace Bauer's newest poetry collection is an exploration of time: how we perceive it and its passing, how we use language to describe the lived experience that time informs, and the transformations we undergo during its passing.

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Grace Bauer is the author of four books of poetry, including Nowhere All at Once. Gradle Bird by J. Comments: Southern gothic fiction at its best, Gradle Bird is the central female character reminiscent of Scout Finch, with a theme that addresses bullying as she makes an unlikely friend. Comments: Knowing next to nothing about fishing, Rosemary McGuire signed on to the crew of the Arctic Storm in Homer, Alaska, looking for money and experience. Cold, hard work and starkly sexist harassment were what she found. Here is her story of life on a fishing boat as the only woman crew member.

Both an adult coming-of-age tale and a candid look at the Alaskan fishing industry, this is the story of a woman in a man's world. Comments: Georgia O'Keeffe mistrusted words. She claimed color as her language. Nevertheless, in the course of her long life, the great American painter wrote thousands of letters--more than two thousand survive between her and her husband, Alfred Stieglitz, alone. Jennifer Sinor's Letters Like the Day honors O'Keeffe, her modernist landscapes, and, crucially, the value of letter writing.

Taking her letters as a touchstone, Sinor experiments with the limits of language using the same aesthetic that drove O'Keeffe's art. Sinor explores the larger truths at the center of O'Keeffe's work: how we see, capture, and create. Comments: Short essay collection about various periods in a woman's life; such topics as daughters, chick lit, raising children, the color pink, education: feminist slant about common experiences of a wife, mother, working woman.

Foreword, afterword. Cover is a woman weaving. Comments: Pamela Bianco's story has never been told before. She was a troubled, world-famous child prodigy artist, and her mother was Margery Williams, author of The Velveteen Rabbit. Comments: The distorted view of the perfect female body created by popular culture, television, movies, and the media often causes women to become uncomfortable with their own bodies.

Christine Valters Paintner, popular author of nine books and abbess of the online retreat center Abbey of the Arts, draws from Celtic, desert, and Benedictine traditions to help women connect with their bodies through writing, visual art, and movement. More important, she was one of the first women ever to publish her own book of poetry. Though she is likely Shakespeare's Dark Lady, Lanyer proves to be more than a muse. She is a formidable woman determined to prove her own talent and worth.

Lanyer was not only among the first women to publish a book of poetry, she was the first to seek patronage, as male poets did. Lanyer, however, pursued the patronage of female nobility--and in seeking patronage made herself the first woman in England to publicly identify as a writer. Her book, Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum, published in , is a surprisingly modern call for women's equality. Comments: "Turning Homeward" is my story as a newcomer to the Pacific Northwest who discovers home by restoring the nature that is close to our lives.

Some chapters explore how restoring urban salmon runs help me make peace with my father's death and later create a marriage. Others describe the challenges of making a home in a new community against a background of saving native plants or being a citizen scientist. What I learn about nature's resilience sustains me when my daughter is born premature.

These and other stories resonate with women readers regardless of their interest in nature or place. Comments: In her first nonfiction collection, award-winning novelist Rilla Askew casts an unflinching eye on American history. Traversing a line between memoir and social commentary, Askew places herself in the role of witness to uncomfortable truths about who we are. Spotlighting the complex history of her home state Oklahoma as a microcosm of our national saga, she traces a personal journey from her early years as an idealistic teenager mired in what she calls "the presumption of whiteness.

Comments: Never Too Late is a novel about Lily King, a year-old woman who wants to move out of a home catering to older woman, against her son-in-law's advice, to find the spark in her own life again. She sets out to do just that, despite the lack of support, and finds love in friendship and romance, and learns that at any age, you must meet life with courage, fortitude, determination, sensitivity, and love.

Comments: 'Longing for Home' features a relatable character. Irena is a Slovenian peasant who immigrates to the US in Irena is an ordinary girl who grows stronger and more resilient through meeting the challenges of a new life in the US. She struggles with what it means to be a woman, a sister, and a wife.

Her battles with jealously, self-doubt and marginalization will resonate with the modern reader. Her ability to build relationships with others will inspire. Irena's story, while realistic, is also hopeful. She loves with all her heart and hopes even in the darkest of times. Comments: When fitness instructor Jane Schmidt moved from the city to rural Wisconsin, stories of her "single-girl-gone-country" adventures helped her become an award-winning columnist for the Crawford County Independent and Kickapoo Scout--and now she's taking readers on a candid, insightful, and hilarious trip into her world with her new book release featuring some of her most beloved escapades.

Sheila Sherman RealSmallTowns. Comments: Women readers would take special pleasure reading about a woman who leaves her comfort zone upon retiring and signs up for the adventure of her life: five two-month assignments as a volunteer management consultant in the developing world.

Whether she's describing Ghanaian sex workers who become educated about condom use, mountain gorilla health in Uganda or Namibian orphan care, her tales tell of culture, observations, hardships, delights, and personal growth. The tone of voice, complete with wry sense of humor, pulls readers into her world of "going far and giving back. Her mother reacts angry and distant and takes her to Northern Michigan, where Wren must make new friends, fight bullies and learns what happened between her parents and causes her mother to react the way she did.

I think this is an interesting coming-of-age story for female readers about a girl who stays true to herself. Comments: If you're a mature woman who enjoys a gentle read, Autumn Spring should appeal to you. One main character has to deal with end-of-career questions, her return from the city to a small town, and how to relate to her aging mother. The other one, divorced and finally coming out as a lesbian late in life, has to learn to cope with inquisitive grandchildren, embarrassed children, and puzzled straight friends and relatives.

Depicting contemporary older women in rural East Texas who embody grace, dignity, and wisdom, Autumn Spring should resonate with you whether you're gay or straight. Comments: My brief Imagist poems focus on feelings that women commonly experience in personal relationships. The first ones introduce people I respect for their courage to be authentic and emotionally honest.

The second section, Longing, shows glimpses of the road I traveled to try to gain the traits I admire in others. Part three, Rough Spots, illustrates my mistakes, how and what I've learned from my interpersonal struggles, and how I succumbed to bitterness yet persevered. The final section, In Love, features poems about finding someone to travel with on my journey toward embodying the qualities I aspire to.

Seven Wings to Glory by Kathleen M. Regular women can relate to her. Comments: Mom, Mania, and Me, a memoir, imparts hope to others in dysfunctional relationships. Diane Dweller strives to improve her negative relationship with Dixie, her unpredictable mother who is finally diagnosed at age 66 with bipolar-mania. Dweller reveals what works and what doesn't when a series of seismic events occur. They include a shocking childhood list, a medication reaction, a movie, confrontations, and a coma.

Comments: The eleven stories in Crosscurrents and Other Stories span three generations of women: wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends. Starkly real yet sometimes mystical, these stories portray women who persevere in the midst of betrayal, loss, and heartbreak. Crosscurrents and Other Stories resonates with the hard truths of women's lives. The result is intimate, provocative, elegant, engaging. The author yearns to be a mother at the same time she is losing her own mother. Comments: "My Journey Through War and Peace" is an adventurous spiritual memoir about a woman in her twenties.

Publisher Weekly sums it up: "Burch's memoir recounts her remarkable experiences over eight years as a photographer covering the war in Soviet-occupied Afghanistan in the s and as a filmmaker, and also her own personal and spiritual journey as a young woman Her accounts provide revealing glimpses into the conflict, Afghan culture, and the dangers of war reporting, particularly for a woman. Comments: Sarah, a recently widowed, dirt-poor single mother, struggles in rural South Carolina in the 's.

She doesn't have "one good mama bone". Sarah learns of a way to earn money, buying her son a steer for the 4-H contest. But the prize money comes from slaughtering it, something neither understands. The morning after the steer arrives, so does his mother. For Sarah, watching Mama Red provides powerful lessons motherhood and compassion. Comments: Women will be interested in this book because it tells an intimate, personal story about moving from a place of learned helplessness to one of wholeness and empowerment.

Many women struggle with depression and anxiety. This memoir provides an honest exploration of the some of the roots of these conditions in my life and how, through therapy, meditation and a deep love of nature, I have managed to heal. The memoir touches on childlessness, abortion, weight, and even the fear of driving, issues of concern and interest to many women. Comments: Ocean of Insight tells the story of the life-changing six years the author and her husband along with their cat Dinghy traveling the Atlantic.

The focus on three generations of women promises to capture the interest of women readers. Inez's family threatens to fly apart when her father gets arrested smuggling marijuana into the U. Inez finds refuge from the turmoil in the old ways cherished by her beloved Mexican grandmother. But life in El Paso is far more exciting, as the explosion of rock music and new personal freedom shatters traditions on both sides of the border. American Tumbleweeds captures poignantly the growing pains of a young girl and of all immigrant families whose dual cultural identities lend them both strength and strife.

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