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Pinterest is using cookies to help give you the best experience we can. How was your body reacting to the sudden change? Were you still doing your daily tasks that you had to do like work clean or school etc? Did it do you any good like weight loss or mental strengthening? I went full 24hrs and due to my timing to eat at night I fell asleep with hunger. I woke up decided to do 36hrs and still not hungry, again told myself I'm gonna go to 48 hrs. I hit 42hrs got light headed, fainting feelings and decided to stop there. My health was more important.

My first 24 was dry fast, then I added water with pink salt up to 42hrs. Now, I'll regroup my nutrients and go again next month. The reason you were feeling the way you were feeling during your fast is because you gave a body a chance to cleanse itself.. As soon as you ate the oatmeal the elimination of toxins came to a stop and you felt better.

You need electrolytes on a fast. Potassium and sodium.. He has a YouTube channel. As someone who just did a hr fast, I don't share your experience at all. I'm lbs so I guess it might come from a point where I have much more stored energy than you and my body not freaking totally out. I never felt low energy, and it really didn't have any effect on my life. I have hours left to complete my water-only 72 hour fast. This time around I felt weak only on day two in the morning but it lasted only briefly. The benefits Im looking for see best covered in two awesome documentaries about Heath.

We must break the fast with light and nutrient dense food and maintains hydration because your body is expelling so many toxins. Some bloggers suggest taking pink salt and potassium to replenish the minerals we lose in the urine. But in Germany they also use saunas to help the toxin release. Watch the documentaries! Weirdly enough, I weighed myself yesterday as well as this morning and i seem to have gained weight without having eaten anything.

Your body automatically has that response to the change in diet, salt and water intake, presumably to keep you from also becoming dehydrated. In 9 hours, I'm just finishing a 48 hour fast. I did get some advice on what to drink and made a couple of electrolyte replacement and water mixtures that helped a lot. I had a small Christmas dinner finished by 6 p. After I wake and yesterday morning, I was surprised at how often I thought about food and by 20 hours I was already fantasizing what I was going to eat when I quit fasting 28 hours later.

I decided to have tea instead of coffee, no cream and sugar, both mornings. So I don't have a caffeine headache withdrawal. I also drank 3 cups of Yogi fasting tea my first day and will do the same today. I had a two-hour meeting to attend so I drank half a cup of tart cherry juice before I went which improved my energy. The fasting tea helped as well. After I passed the 24 hour mark I was no longer hungry and my mind cleared.

I still have a clearer mind. It has given me a much greater awareness of how my food habits, eating habits had deteriorated in the last 2 years. I also became more grateful for the abundance of food in my home and community and the easy access to it, while so many in the world go to bed hungry and don't know when they're going to eat again. A greater compassion and gratitude. I plan to do this monthly, maybe a 36 to hour fast because I like to eat my main meal in the morning and very little at night.

I have been sleeping very well and don't when I eat in the evening. I know this may not be technical fasting but in my unprofessional opinion tea wouldn't be a "cheat" or anything. I do a 24 hour fast every other day and I notice the exact same heartbeat issue but after I eat. The first time it happened was after my first 24 hours.

I ate and then maybe an hour later my heart was annoyingly throbbing like I had taken something but not as fast but certainly very strong! Also, it should be noted that I didn't flood my body with a ton of junk food. I too had the same issue with the sleep as well! I could not sleep! My whole body felt like it had a restless leg syndrome moment. I finally fell asleep around 2 only to be awoken at 3ish. It finally relaxed around 6 am! I've since fasted a week's worth of times and the only thing that continues is my heart beating but, I've had it checked and everything is just fine and my Dr.

I commend you for your efforts and your continued 24hr. I'm curious as to whether or not you really gain clarity and how many hours into the fast do you notice? I'm also interested in if you increase your clear fluid or water intake during the 24 hour fast. I'm reading your book also. Very good so far. You should research the need for salt while fasting. Beef broth is often used to avoid the light-headed spells and hunger pangs. I have done this before Well actually now I have went 4 or 5 days even 6 days without eating because I have no food in my home and sometimes I'm scared to drink water because I know it will make me hungry this is something you should never do fasting can damage your body on so many levels.

That's not true. Fasting has been long known to be healthy and beneficial. Jesus fasted.

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Gandhi fasted, and plenty of monks fast. You should read up on it instead of believing the myths. As long as you're healthy, fasting is a natural practice. Btw, you posted this on my birthday? I have not eaten for 2 days once I can't afford food so let my kids eat I had nothing.

Some people have no choice but don't eat. I dont drink or use drugs hard times hit me. Right now I feel so hungry and dizzy. What state do you live in? I'm all for being proud but if you have kids sign up the SNAP program and find a food bank. Picture an out-of-shape friend telling you that they just ran a marathon, and that they thought they were going to die but they forced their way through Fasting is the same way.

I did the the protocol for a long time when I started fasting. As I started getting less and less hungry during the day, I naturally drifted to a 24 hour fast. I can work out, too, and not feel any less energetic or more hungry throughout the day. This is true! My husband and I had also started out with the before moving into a 24 hr. The was extremely tough for the first 2 weeks. Lightheaded, shakey, tired etc but eventually that stopped happening and so I moved on to the Now that I've mastered the 24 I'm going to move to the 36 and then Started this a week ago and lost 5 pounds so far.

I do drink water throughout the day when I get thirsty. I just get dizzy spells around 4. I hear it's suppose to help with mental focus but I'm currently at 94 hours into my fast and all I can do now is think about food. I'm about to break it because like how you said I just think about food now and can't focus. I drank nothing but water and was full of energy. Giving your body ZERO calories is what triggers the health benefits like autophagy.

Almost everyone can safely water fast for days with no physical issues; you bring your own mental baggage, so pack lightly. Longer fasts may need salt or other supplements, and care when refeeding. I do a 24 hour fast on the 15th of each month as part of a national day of fasting - fastforpeace. Might do 4 days next month, I felt that good. No trouble sleeping, no fatigue. Mind over matter. I'm currently at hour 50 of my who knows how long I'll go this time fast.

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I like to do a long fast day once every year to detox, break out of bad eating habits, spiritual reasons, mental clarity, you name it. The one thing that I've learned from fasting is you should drastically tone down with exercise. I mean, little to none. Maybe a walk. Emphasis on "maybe". Exercise, on top of the fast, completely depletes your energy. You have to gradually allow your body to 1 start making ketones, and 2 get used to using ketones for energy.

You shouldn't overexert yourself. Next time, try it without the 14 mile bike ride. I'm getting exhausted just thinking about it. But you did good! Longer than I would have lasted with exercise added to the mix. It's not an easy task. Well that was interesting. If I went by this I would never eat tho Sadly I just don't feel hungry and when I do eat..

I throw it up it makes me feel so disgusting I can go over a wk easy between vomit meals.. And I have been this way for as long as I can remember. I only force myself to eat occasionally now.. Can't stand the way it makes me feel I really hope you can get through this. I wish you all the best. Perhaps you have an undiagnosed medical condition or maybe an emotional disorder reaction to food? Mind over matter? If you vomit every time you eat, there is obviously a problem if it is not self induced by an eating disorder. Either way, seek treatment.

Take care of yourself. Best of luck. I'm at my 41 hour mark, i'm so glad I'm reading some of the comments its keeping me strong. The cravings come and go. I haven't eaten in 4 days and I feel fine. I'm a little tired but probably because of the heat. I don't even feel hungry anymore. Sitting here at 71 hours. I might eat tonight, nice chicken ceasar salad sound good. Did 48 last week. While a one day fast is pretty good for you, a three day is where the health benefits really roll in.

Stick at it next time, you wont die. If your heart goes bonkers then maybe try a little salt or one of those sports drinks that gives electrolytes, but personally I think the calories and other bad stuff in those would count as cheating. I have started my 3 day fast under supervision of my nutritionist. I have not had a morsel of food in 38 hours.

You can drink plenty of water while on a fast. The point of your fast is to cleanse your body. Your body uses glucose to burn for energy. When no food is present and there is no glucose to burn, your body goes into survival mode and burns the stored fat that we carry around. Doing this puts your body into ketosis. The ketogenic diet is a popular, effective way to lose weight and improve health. When followed correctly, this low-carb, high-fat diet will raise blood ketone levels. On a ketogenic diet, your body undergoes many biological adaptions, including a reduction in insulin and increased fat breakdown.

When this happens, your liver starts producing large amounts of ketones to supply energy for your brain. I feel great thus far. I just remind myself to keep pounding water. I'm not sure if I could do a 60 hour fast. This is my first time doing a fast. You must start slow and work your way up.

Good luck. This is extremely unhealthy if you want to diet the proper way to do it is eating healthy and excersize and counting calories depending on your weight if you go a big amount of time with out food you lose muscle mass and then your body starts a starvation point so its best not to do this at all. This is just not true, and there is plenty of research to back it up.

Ketosis has a muscle preserving effect, so once that kicks in, you're good. Now, eating consistently too low of the amount of calories you need will surely cause muscle loss. Please look at the research by Dom D'Agostino. Who deadlifted lbs for 10 reps, at the end of a 10 day fast. And he's not alone Lots of research out there. You sound very knowledgeable.

I'm curious as to what point do you start using fat for energy and any other tips for someone getting prepared to start my first 3 day fast, and is that a reasonable length of time for a first fast? Yeah depending on your weight, it takes WEEKS before the fast would start burning away your actual muscle. I thought you died after no water for 3 days and no food for 5? Is that just not a thing anymore? Those are typically in survival situations where temperatures are unforgiving and you would waste a lot of energy searching.

Must be.. I don't eat for over a wk have a small meal. Vegemite on a slice of bread size throw my guts up and go back to not eating. I hate eating.. Most if the time I don't even eat it all.. O and I hardly drunk anything. Def not water. No idea why I just never feel hungry or like I want to eat.. So when I remember and have the time I force something down but it don't stay there long You might want to talk to a doctor about your body not wanting to hold food. Vomiting damages your throat, esophagus, and everything in your mouth and nose.

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Food on the other hand it appears that we can go up to 8 weeks without food if we are healthy and well nourished at the start and we keep drinking water. I'm 19 years old, 5'0" and 90 lbs. I wanted to get rid of my belly fat and blood sugar this holiday because I was so scared knowing my uncle's foot was amputated he has diabetes. I've been fasting for 46 hours, did exercise for half an hour this morning.

I only drink 20 sips of water for every 2 hours, nothing else. I only sleep at 11pm to 5am and 10am to 3pm. Now, my heart is beating like crazy and my feet feel weak so I just rest on my bed watching dramas lol sorry. I was the smallest kid since middle school weight : 20kg to 25kg untill high school weight : 35kg to 38kg but when I first went to college 1st up to 2nd semester I ate a lot of stuff because I needed energy to keep me up doing this and that so my weight stayed at 40kg or 88lbs.

Now, I'm going to 5th semester and my weight is 41kg or 90lbs. I never did diet before because I didn't have any appetite therefore, I only ate a lot of chocolates, candies, milk, and tea 3 to 4 cups a day. But that's when I thought "damn my blood sugar must be high". Ah anyways! I'm not going to be an anorexic, I just wanted to lose some then gain more with healthier food. I lost 35 pounds in 10 weeks of alternate day fasting this year and surprisingly to me my high blood pressure dropped after only 2 fasting days which made me very happy considering it's been high for 6 years straight.

I don't take pharmaceuticals and fasting cured my High Blood Pressure in less than a week of every other day fasting. Start off with a 3 day fast and then switch to every other day until you can see the 20 years younger body in the mirror. In my case that was 3 months. After 8 weeks I'd dropped over 20 lbs with all my old clothes that were too small fit again. I stopped fasting for 2 months and I did put back on 15 lbs. I've now just finished a 4 day fast and will eat today and then fast every other day. It's so cool being able to eat as much as you want on feeding days and not hate yourself.

After a 3 or 4 day fast it's a breeze to do every other day. Saved you tons of money too! Be strong and drink lots of water,tea and coffee this kills the hunger pains. Feel hungry-drink! To have a normal body mass index at your height and age you should weigh at least 91 pounds. I'm 15 lol I just saw another comment by someone my age and I found this article because I am also on a fast. I'm planning on going until at least 5 days , and I'm currently on day 2.

I was kind of surprised reading that this guy couldn't go for longer than 2 days, even though I've gone for 2 days a few times before. Maybe it becomes harder with age? I don't know. I'm trying to lose weight and see how much self control I have I wonder how much weight I'll lose. Im on day 6. I'm cm. I've gone from I live on coffee, green tea, carbonised water and a glass or 2 of diet coke a day. The hunger is gone.

My first goal is 55 kg, then I'll see how I look like and take it from there. Only difficult thing is my 3 year old who asks me why I don't eat, so the last 2 days I've had to visit my family and eat there so he has someone to eat with a bit sad. The other problem is that I can't sleep, so I've started taking a sleeping pill to doze off and at least get a good night rest. Idk if you managed to lose weight, but if you're still trying you should check out reddit. Fasting is not the answer for permanent weight loss. When you begin eating again, your body will store everything as fat..

Do research ladies. Fasting is good in moderation.. But if your goal is weight loss then the answer is this- Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and Exercise!! Reduce calories.. But make this a lifestyle change so you are not binging.. You can do this the easy way.. Good luck! Gr8 strict discipline Noah, This will certainly boost your confidence level apart from endless health advantages over time. We jains do fasting on most of d occasions with just boiled water consumed during daytime only.

While 8 days fasting is just common many goes up to 51 days. Some ppl do fasting without water for 8 days. This was really interesting I found appreciate the food you are eating and enjoy instead of devoir it. Great experience. I am fasting for 12 hours today and I feel light headed and weak. I work on my computer and I don't feel like working. I feel tired. And this is only 12 hours. I can't imagine 18 or more hours. Is it ok to drink coffee, tea and smoothies or only water? What can you drink during fasting?

I'm 15 years old and I would like to know if I only drank a bit of water and nothing else how many pounds till I lose 25 pounds I'm 5'2 and pounds. You don't need to lose wait. You just need to tone your body and build muscle. Exercise is what you need, not diet. I'm thinking of fasting every Sunday I have a serious addiction to sugar and a ridiculously low metabolism.

I weigh lbs and I'm only 5'3" but where I have a low metabolism I find I have to be extremely strict with my diet, but then I crave sugar and go on a binge for a day or two Then I struggle to lose it over weeks with A LOT of exercise and healthy eating, then I crave sugar again and so the cycle repeats itself.

It's exhausting. Every day my life is consumed by thoughts of food one way or another. And then guilt when I give in and eat sugary foods. Thought a fast every Sunday might equal out the calories per week a bit if I do have a bit of a binge but also be a good cleansing tool and give me time to appreciate food, missing it, thinking about how to eat well and starting the week eating basic, healthy options at least. Nothing I've done seems to work. I want to shift 10 lbs too as I have excess on my hips and butt that because of my frame size just looks unsightly to me, even at the weight I am I have a big butt and hips for my frame ALL my fat gets stored there!

Any ideas or advice anyone has would be great! Fasting actually slows your metabolism - it may make your situation worse Leave it for every once in a while. After all, skipping meals isn't exactly the healthiest choice for weight loss. Fasting is great and does not damage your metabolism. That myth was based on the Minnesota starvation diet, but they did not actually fast, they reduced their daily calories.

Fasting actually raises your metabolism for the first 5 days at least and i believe for a period longer. Jung, a leading nephrologist. I recommend implementing fasting slowly, by starting with a 16 hour intermittent fasting. End your food intake at pm and break your fast the next morning at pm or a little later if you feel like. After a few days it will be easy. The next step would be to go so ending at pm you would not start eating again until pm or later the next day and ending again by pm.

Very important is also what you are eating. Fasting is really great. I have been doing IF Intermittent Fasting described below for around a year now. I am starting to move further into fasting for longer periods. So far it has been working great for me. I am obese and diabetic, so i have to be even more careful in fasting. In addition I have lost about 76lbs going from est. So in doing the body fat calculations i estimated. Currently i am weighing lbs give or take a pound from last week. An i was in at I wish you luck in your journey, but be careful of advice based tradition thoughts, much of the research shows that it wasn't as accurate as it was portrayed to be, and that much of the advice we have been given for the last years has really been what has led to the current disease epidemics.

I recommend reading or watching documentaries about Dr. Jung, Dr. Mosely regarding diet and fasting for disease prevention and cure. Also Dr. Gabriel Cousins has had some great success in treating disease through raw fruit and vegetable based diets. Best of luck to you. Being addicted to sugar can be a Candida Albicans problem. Candida loves sugar and yeast and gets stronger on it. Also weight gain on the hips and bum can be caused by diary allergy which comes alongside Candida albicans infestation.

Research and try to get rid of the Candida and dieting will be easier. Hope this helps. Being aware is highly advised! I a now at 48 hours, just water and feeling excellent. Going for at least 60, but will probably go for 72 hours and then on healthy diet for 4 days and will try this every weekend. Lost 2Kg. How did it work out?

I'm about to embark on a 2 day fast starting tomorrow. Been thinking of possibly fasting every Sunday though I'm new to it all! Sincerely, nothing special. Just my stomach feels a little empty. I have exactly 48H 10min. I didn't feel any starving. I feel like a buddha or a psychopath. Because I have not sleept 2 days and a half in a row. And also I didn't masturbate for 2 days in a row. The only "stimuli" that make me want sometimes extremely briefly to wish to abort any of these 3 is boredom.

It's like you don''t have anything to do, sitting alone in a room, so what to do? This is me.


Fasting - losing fat from face at body I'm already thing - I would initially do it for 5 days, if not After reading this, i went and fasted for 30 hours i was shooting for longer but someone handed me the most delicious looking strawberry I'd ever seen. I learned that there's a difference between eating out of hunger and out of boredom. Also, when you're hungry, healthy options sound just as good if not better than junk food. Id like to fast for 7 days to see what your friend was talking about, but that's for a different time. The strawberry WAS delicious! Me not eat 48 hrs and work hard working.

My wight is 48kg age is 23 year my wife is not happy her unhappy so I don't want to eat. Well I have just completed 49 hours and have no energy at all so just resting. I have just drunk pure water ,lemon juice in water and ginger root for 49 hours. Eaten nil. Had the enema. And now bored! But only 22 hours to go. Tried to eat the soup suggested for today it's wheatgrass, a little marmite veggie flavouring and canine pepper.

It is horrendous. I am burning everywhere. Tomorrow will do lymphatic brushing and hot bath and look forward to an apple at 9 pm 72 hours completed and I feel awful. But not as bad as I did before after having chemo treatment. But strong will is the thing and being far away from any food source. It's awful!! I have to say I am booking myself into winchester fasting centre for 5 days next month , will be easier with help! Fasting is insanely rewarding. My max was 21 days on just water. After about the 3rd to 5th day it gets easier as your body adjusts to more effeciency.

For me the hardest was getting past the 24 hour mark or 2nd dinner. The thing that got me hooked is the amount of time you save not looking for food.. Preparing to eat.. And deciding what to eat along with travel time. The clarity of mind and thoughts become like a super power.

Love it. How on earth? Did you lose much weight over that time? I'm starting a 2 day fast tomorrow, well as of tonight really , and then I'm considering not eating at all every Sunday. Either that or perhaps a two day fast once a month. Don't know what the best idea is. I did lose a lot of weight although i dont remember how much exactly since i wasn't doing it for dietary purposes.

I however gained it back shortly after as i resumed my normal diet. I've been fasting for 3 days now and still going. I'm doing it for a different reason than you. But I've noticed I've been real mad at the world, dizzy, weak. Earlier today I collapsed in my bathroom floor. It's also causing a toll on my heart too. But I need to do this. And also my body shut diwn on food period because I tried to eat and spit it right back out.

Hi I basically haven't been fasting but I haven't eaten for 5 days and I actually like the fact that I lived on juice or water and nuffink else. Would actually like to do what you did. So any information would be good. I am able to do 48 hrs no food with very little temptation. I am able to bust out swings with a 32 kg kettlebell and another half hour of snatches at 24 kg Kettlebell. I am on a weight loss attempt. I stress eat and I am a chef so I decided to teach myself discipline and have a kettlebell swing session everytime I stress!! Week one has been pretty good!! Happy New Year Noah, and happy to hear of your fasting goal.

That equals 2, days, or 6. This system of yogic fasting has a duration from sunrise to sunrise. You begin at sunrise on the fasting day or the night before and refrain from eating and drinking at least 24 hours. On the next day, you break fast by drinking lemon water with salt. I drink 2 cups of warm lemon water with at least a tablespoon of salt. The lemon and salt help to eliminate many toxins from your body and 40mins-1hour later you will run to the toilet and be amazed at what comes out.

Next, I'll eat some fruit and Atiba's famous oatmeal for breakfast and hydrate with coconut water, fresh squeezed OJ, or tea. I also have a fresh appreciation for simple foods that I eat every day. Fasting is easy if you prepare the day before. Prepare physically by eating and drinking enough the day before.

Stay active and in nature, but not 14 mile bike ride active.. Group support helps. When the people around you are fasting too it's easy. When people are eating and cooking around you it's tough. Sleep will suck. I often have trouble sleeping the night after fasting.

I counter this by sleeping in the morning of fasting, and waking up extra early to break fast. If you are in good health fast with no food and no water. If you have health issues try fasting with water first, or only fruits. I just did my first fast yesterday as an experiment to get back into ketosis as fast as possible after a cheat meal.

Besides the stomach muscles squeezing, I learned it doesn't hamper physical strength and action. I expected to feel fatigued but instead found myself full of energy. It felt enlivening to experience hunger. I walked six miles during the day starting from the first moments of the morning. And this morning, I measured my blood ketones and to my amazement, 0. Fasting goes with praying and study of the word of God. If not, it is starvation. Fasting is a spiritual exercise that enables us have better fellowship with God and raises our antenna to hear him better.

It is profitable ro all things. You separate yourself from food and people and focus on God. It also helps to control your weight etc. Did it for 40hrs a week ago, didn't feel overwhelming hunger but the mind battle is insane. I just finished my fasting today started Monday and ended it on Wed The temptation from food bruh I was going crazy So I just drank water for 2whole days and man did I walk and walk and walk I started moving so slowly U could not get me to hurry any at all Now that I ate I feel sick Like stuffed my stomach hates the food Restarting it fast tomorrow for 48 hours then break for a day then go 5 days!

Wish me luck! I have severe anorexia, and most of you sound lIke you meet the diagnosis for an eating disorder. This is the most fucred up, unhealthy thing I've ever read. Just finished reading this over a bowl of stewed prunes that have almost zero sweetness left because I drank off the water they were soaking in a few times over the last two days after giving up about 46 hours into a planned 72 hour fast.

And it wasn't even a strict fast, I had lots of homemade vegetable broth and a few fresh-squeezed fruit juices. I felt great at times but the last few hours have been hell. My metabolism is really high and I'm thin which is why I never did it before. Ive actually been fasting, im on hour Ive felt really lightheaded, but not that hungry. Hidration is everything! I also drink green tea no sugar, no milk for the hunger pains.

Red tea works too but theres none at home atm. It feels very cleansing to be empty! I often accidentally fast for 24 hours. I guess I must just have a small stomach because I'm never hungry, I get full on a small amount of food and I literally always have to remind myself to eat because I don't notice how long it's been since my last meal. I am currently trying 60 hours to see if I end up hungry or not. I'm 50 hours in and I haven't had a single wave of hunger yet. I also haven't lost any weight, like you did. I guess my body is just happy on only a little fuel? Only thing I have to report is that I do get very slight lightheadedneas upon standing.

Self discipline is great Even though I totally caved and ate oatmeal.

Hahhaha, you funny. I have been fasting for so far 30 and a half hours. I plan on trying for 60 hours but seeing how i feel tomorrow! I don't feel that hungry but a bit afraid because i should be hungry by now, you know? My feet are a bit clammy but i feel as though my body has reset. Good article! I'm going 42 hours without eating as prep for a colonoscopy.

Found your article while searching for what I could do to keep from eating for a few more hours. I'm hangry! I like the idea of the 24 hour fast once a month, or even once a week. Hi, It's been 4 days for me now and I was quite weak even before I started fast due to illness.

Am so weak now I can hardly stand. So I am ready to break my fast. Made sure I had absolutely nothing edible in house. But at this point I am not sure I can make it anywhere to get food. So I will get something delivered am concerned I will pass out in front of delivery person. But anyway, will my symtoms go away simply by eating? Or might there be something else going on? Have you tried electrolytes? Try lemon water, or a tiny bit of Himalayan pink salt in your water, or even green tea or black coffee. I am on hour I will not eat until the pain of having my children unjustly taken from me is less than the pain in my stomach.

Your body was going into ketosis, which is switching over from using glucose as fuel to producing ketones in the liver. Something along those lines. If you want to try this again: Drink more water. Whatever you were drinking, drink more. Supplement with electrolytes. Potassium, sodium, magnesium and zinc. When you're fasting, your body spends all the saved fuel it stores in your muscles and liver. Part of this process is flushing of water - which is why you lost all that weight which all came back in days I'm certain.

It wasn't real weight - it was water weight. When it flushes like that, it takes a lot of stuff with it, minerals you kind of need.

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You get cranky and feel like garbage without them - kind of like when you're dehydrated or hung over, sort of. Anyway, 60 hours is nothing, but it helps if you supplement when you're crossing over into ketosis. I am going to try this starting at noon tomorrow. I want to see how far I can go. A minimum 24hrs. What are some of the things you drank while fasting? Only water? I decided a couple of days ago randomly that I wanted to see how long I can go without food. I was gonna set the goal for 7 days. I am at 59 hours right now. I still feel fairly well for the most part. I've wanted to eat at times but I over powered the urges barely.

I'm shooting for 72 hours to 84 hours. People in my family don't like my experiment so I've decided I would cut it short. I'm doing this for mind strength to see how strong willed I can push myself to be. And I wanna feel the experience. I will keep posted how I make out. I'm on hour 36 of a three day fast, which was suppose to initially be a five day fast but since I'm going wine tasting I know, I know, I knoooowwwww this weekend I thought I should probably cut it short two days and ease back into solids. The hunger has come and gone, it's the low energy and fuzzy head that has really been tough.

My poor kids right now, all I can do is literally lay down when I'm not at work. I googled intermittent fasting last night after 24 hours of fasting and am actually pretty stoked to incorporate that into my lifestyle. Anyway, half way done, only 36 more hours to go! I'm currently fasting I'm not hungry at all. I've read so much on fasting over the past few weeks it seems like a good thing to do to get rid of toxins and increase HGH etc Whilst I'm not hungry, I am thinking of my favourite foods a fair bit, boiled eggs, avocado I will try slowly increase the number of hours, I've been doing up to 16 hours the past while so the jump to 24 hours isn't that uch.

I can see me doing it fairly regularly for the rest of my time on this wonderful planet! Happy fasting! Hi , I've been fasting for 2 whole days now no water no food no sleep. I'm in bed now but its like I could stay awake maybe another night. I fast for about 24 hours every day. When I do eat I try to cap it at less than calories.

I honestly tend to eat about 5 times a week with zero snacks.

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Down well over 30 lbs. I save a ton of money and if there is ever a crisis where food becomes scarce I will be so set. Well, having suddenly won tickets to a pretty important event I found out yesterday - Sunday - and the event is Wednesday I realised that in my currently overweight state, I was feeling in no way confident to go along and still feel okay about my appearance.