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Ones do need to learn from their past experience, but they also need to learn to let go of the past in order to fucus on the life ahead of them. It is very sad that some people who trap themselve in and spend all their time on lamenting over their past to the extent that they cannot come out—they gradually become a lunatic. I think we should look back , but only once in every mistake.

It can end up with depression. I believe that you should never look back and for being successful you just need to concentrate on future.

Never Look Back

Thinking about past is one of the barriers for achieving your goals! Be humble. Moriza , kotlesya. Looking back can be taken as living in the past. For people not being able to find happiness in the present, the past is always the best. But like i have said before we all have to let go and move on.

For one, the past has lots of lessons we all hopefully learned from while holding the key to our future. No matter what has happened to you, let it go and move on! Holding on to the past for too long is like facing the wrong direction as you walk in the here and now.

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Winners 1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly. Comments Log in to Comment ml Canada If things cannot be changed, we should move forward and never look back because no matter what had happened, it becomes history. Or, if you prefer not to put in the effort to know yourself, just hope for the best while doing what everyone else does. Or buy a lottery ticket. Same thing.

In other words, I recommend doing step 0. My Model and Method give you that. Some people ask at this point how to get from step 0 to step 1. For them, I offer a middle step:. This step depends on quantity being the route to quality, which my recent post, The route to quality is through quantity , covers. Some people at this point ask, what if what you work on never leads to recognition.

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If the world never recognizes what you did and you get no money, power, or fame, you spent your time doing what you loved. How can you complain about that? Do what you love. Ignore people who tell you to do something more reasonable. Be confident knowing that if you love it, others will love it too.

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Not everyone, but enough to form community. Now they see you as inspirational. Repeat as often as you like.

Figure out your emotional system — what you love and why — because the later steps will create in your life what you work on. So learn your emotions. In other words, know thyself.

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For them, I offer a middle step: Do things you like. See if you think you can love them. If so, continue to step 1.