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He was the kind of guy that would make a beautiful leading role in one of my romance novels…the kind of guy that you fall head over heels in love with after a few pages. It will have to be my way of memorializing him. They have friends, family, loved ones who have been taken away by cancer. As I write this with tears, I know in my heart that we must continue to fund cancer research. We must find a cure. We have lost too many already. As an intern there, I developed and implemented Stepping for A Cure, a program that reached out to HBCUs nationwide and encouraged Greek organizations to coordinate step shows that would benefit sickle cell research as well as other catastrophic diseases.

My boss, Chuck Donlin, was the kind of man who supported a good thing. He pushed me to make it happen and the Memphis Police Department and local alumni chapters of all the Divine Nine were there to support me. It was a marvelous event, but it was the purpose that really pushed me to see it through.

It was about saving lives…saving people through working together. Shortly after taking the job, I lost a friend from high school, Matt my first kiss who passed away and was buried on September 11 th.

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I never made it to his funeral, but I remember feeling so sad when I heard that he had passed. I grew up with him from fourth grade until graduation. On my first day at a new school, Matt became my first friend. He gave me a kiss under the tires on the playground. He never got the chance to graduate from college, marry, have children. He too was taken from the world too early. There were many others. My own grandmother paternally fights the disease every day. Cancer does not discriminate. But I know that Jesus came so that we might have life and have it more abundantly.

Through him there has to be a cure…an answer. I pray for my own family. And I still appreciate that God allowed these people to have lived and to have touched as many lives as they did. It is his mentor and close friend Dragan Radovic, who today has invited everyone who knew Xavier or would simply like to honour him to perform continuous lifts of any dumbbell.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing today — to take 5minutes from your schedule to do these lifts. It is absolutely what he would have wanted. This truly has been a crazy week. Koko Brown really made my week with the latest review of The Grunt. Words cannot express how proud I was to read this. I woke Adam up from his nap and made him read it twice. Even he had to smile, and those who know Adam know how hard it is to make him smile. So, I want to share this review with you. Please check it out. Tell her what you think and share it with others.

Thanks so much to all the reviewers who have taken the time to write a review about The Grunt and thanks so much to all the readers who have read the book. Thanks to Koko for making my week go a little smoother. Today, I received the proof copy of The Grunt in paperback. When it was delivered, I was expecting another book from another author, but when I opened the box and realized that it was my book, I freaked out!

I went for a matte finish this time, and Kandace Tuggle, my partner in crime and my exclusive and very awesome book designer , did an excellent job of putting my concept together with her own. It will be available for sale on September 1 st. Can you say awesome? She said that she had already purchased the e-book and wanted the paperback for her collection. So, she wanted to know if my readers who ordered from my site could get a discount. Makes a lot of sense, right? And Finding Opa! If you purchase on the. I realize that many of you have already read the book, and I thank you so much for your support, but if you want to share the book with a friend or family member, with a mom, sister or best friend, then please consider gifting it.

I know that I plan to. My mother-in-law and mom do not do the e-book thing, so they always wait for it to come out in paperback so that they can enjoy it with the rest of us. I love the tangible product. Then, I have to get back to typing. It has to be short, cover a lot of different subject matter and move Dmitry to the next level.

Talk about a day! A side note. The other night, I sent out a blog entry where I just vented up a storm. However, there was one great thing that came out of that. I had a chance to hear from you. You shared how much you appreciate my support, you made me remember who I am, and whose I am, and you made me feel special.

It was a genuine cross roads for me that I had an opportunity to share with you. And words cannot express how you guys have made me feel. As a full-time author now, I have so much joy. How many of us have shared private conversations? How many of us have spent half the night responding to emails? The relationships that have been established through these stories are priceless. And I need to remember that instead of letting people get under my skin. Leave a comment. To celebrate our readers, we had a radio show today.

Sincerely your biggest fan, Latrivia Welch. February 12, February 12, Leave a comment. The main characters truly are in love with each other.

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You can feel the passion. The supporting characters have full, fun plot lines. May 1, 6 Comments. Only what happens when she can see again and he finally sees what he wants in life? September 28, September 28, 8 Comments. A huge percentage of adults today say that the trend toward more people of different races marrying each other is generally a good thing. More people are becoming aware that there is so much we can learn from integrating with different races. Acceptance of interracial relationships has grown and with it more social barriers shattered.

This is despite racism still being a divisive issue in the 21st century, a lot of people would not mind dating from another part of the world or having a mixed race person married into their family. The world will be a happier place if racism is and racial boundaries are broken down. Through interracial dating many cultural myths are debunked by people proving ignorant beliefs wrong.

Interracial unions help to reveal the reality that racial boundaries remain imaginary while striving to bring forth the notion that the globe has only one race; humans.

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Great tool Interracial dating has become a great tool in the fight against racism. The more the mushrooming of interracial love, the more acceptable it becomes by the general society. Racism comes about as a result of ignorance to different cultures, religions and routines. A particular race therefore regards theirs as the more superior and consequently despising other races. Interracial dating brings together differing cultures for a greater purpose; love.

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Therefore interracial dating can be used as a tool against racism, prejudice, colorism and by extension fight race supremacy. People who are culturally porous or culturally versatile are in a better position to have intimate and genuine relationships with people outside their ethnicity. Positive change Interracial coupling is deemed as a positive change in the society and this can be backed up by hard facts. Interracial dating is represented in 17 percent of newlyweds and at least a 25 percent of Americans have a kin in an interracial marriage.

A study conducted on blacks married to whites showed an increase in the comprehension of racism, while those whites married to other minorities other than black ,for example Indians, are more susceptible to experiencing a change in thoughts on immigration. Interracial dating breaks down social barriers and has consequently proven to reduce prejudice from across all races because eventually their relatives will get to spend some time together.

The thought of having versatility in races and cultures in the society is really beautiful. There is nothing wrong in being single, it is not like you are doing anything wrong. However if you feel like you need someone, there are several things that you must know enforce jumping into interracial relationships.

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Interracial dating is intrinsically personal in nature and boils down to individual preference. Due to cultural, social, political or economic factors singles bound to run into some dating bumps at some point. Learning to manage expectations from your partner For most folks there is an ideal partner we conjure in our mind before we start dating. This is a very good approach and helps to filter through connections that may not be compatible. However it is important to understand that it is not possible for any human being to meet all of those demands.

Mistakes on dating Apps and sites Online dating offers a great way for singles to find their preferred partner. What you put on your profile is important as it is acts as your representative.

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Fill in your interests and hobbies honestly and make sure you log in frequently. Working on your differences not similarities It is always helpful in an interracial relationship to highlight and work on your similarities not your differences. After some time together interracial couples may feel the cultural or racial differences getting in the way of their relationship. Each individual has their own values, history and experiences.

Relationships only work when both parties understand and accept each other for what they are. When one partner places focus on the negative side of their partner, disillusionment and resentment quickly follow. Cultural differences should be used as a tool to bring interracial couple together. Make time for activities that you mutually enjoy. If both of you enjoy riding bikes, swimming, or simply chilling at home over a movie, spend more doing that. Past relationships are meant to make us stronger and wiser as we try and find a partner that will suit your taste.

Being too hung up about your ex can be distracting and make you miss a chance a true love especially when it comes to interracial relationships. Let them share whatever they feel comfortable with. Cheating is one of the worse things one can do to their lover and it can be a trust breaker in an interracial relationship. While some signs of cheating can take a while or difficult to spot from the get go, there are a few that that stand out like a black dot on a white piece of paper. Below are some classic sign to look out for which let you know your lover might be cheating on you.

They are on their phone at odd times: When you partner is on their phone constantly, this is a clear they could be cheating. Going to the bathroom to answer text messages, staying up later than usual and waking up super early just to get on the phone are some of the classic signed your lover is cheating. Texting has made it so easy for people to cheat because it is a great way to communicate with other people and create false intimacy which can lead to real intimacy.

Your lover becomes secretive and changes their passwords: If you used to have the same password on websites, phones, app and you noticed they have been changed, there is a chance your lover is cheating. Technology has made it very easy for people to cheat because just like point above, it does offer text messaging services which do make it easy for your lover to cheat on you with other people. Your lover changes their taste in music: People do get into different genres of music as they grow but if your lover suddenly changes their taste, there is cause for concern here.

A classic sign to look out for is if your lover starting singing along to unusual songs. Of course people can develop lover for music but its best to be alert and find out where this new found love is coming from. It does not only apply to music, it can also apply to films and even books. Your lover starts to act a bit different: When you started dating them, your lover had a behavioural pattern all the time from morning all the way to night.

When they suddenly break this routine, change cause and pick up new habits here and there, they could be cheating on you. Your lover changes how they look: If you lover suddenly starts dressing different and begin dressing very cute and sassy for the women and looking smart and handsome for the men, chances are they might be cheating. You notice a lot of mood changes: If you see that your lover blows you off for no reason or they do from sweet to angry really quickly, this simply means that they might be looking for an excuse to get away from you.

They might pick a fight for no reason so that you get mad, tell them to go away while you blow off some steam, little do you know that they are probably spending time with someone else. We wish the above interracial dating advice can help you. Category: black women white men dating , interracial dating , interracial dating advice 1 Comment.

Many black women prefer to date white men but find it challenging to meet likeable partners. For these black women, joining a respectable interracial dating website is a great option. With that said, if you are a black woman interested in dating white men , you should join only black white dating sites—that is, sites which cater to only black and white people. On other interracial dating sites, you will find people from all races, whereas black white dating sites have people from only two races.

Therefore, your chances of success here are even greater. There are a number of black white dating sites, but all of them might not be good. Some offer more features than others and have a far greater number of subscribers. Before you join an interracial dating site, make sure that the site is genuine, offers advanced features, has a high number of active subscribers, and charges a fair price.

Why do you need to check all these things? These are important questions and you too might be having them. You might be surprised to know that many dating sites are a haven for scammers and all other kinds of unscrupulous people. If you join such a site, instead of finding a white partner, you might be duped. Therefore, stay away from such sites. Check for how long the site has been functional. Older sites with good number of subscribers are more likely to be genuine than new sites with just a handful of subscribers. Check the list of the features of a site before joining it.

Usually such advanced features are available to only paid members.

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Number of active subscribers This is very important because the more number of subscribers a site has, the greater your chance of meeting nice, likeable white men. Each site lists its total number of subscribers on its website. Membership cost As said above, the best features are reserved for paid members. Therefore, it would be better if you take a paid membership. Compare the prices of several top-ranking black and white dating sites to know which one offers you the best value for money. The rules of Black women and White men dating have changed. Rules like women you should play hard to get, men should always pay, and no sex on the first date is now outdated.

Read on to learn the latest 7 rules of engagement. Over-confidence is as much a turn-off as modesty. Instead give out specific information, like the best sunrise you have ever seen. White men often approach those black women with whom they have some things in common. Therefore, it would be a great idea to talk about specific things like the kind of music or movies you like, because everybody can relate to such things.

You can even list your most favorite tracks or movies. Upload a nice profile photo Research shows that black women who upload a profile photo are ten times more likely to be searched on online dating sites than those without a profile photo. However, ensure you upload a nice, clear profile photo. No exes, please… Many black women start talking about their exes or hang-ups at the drop of a hat. Avoid unloading your baggage on people you meet online. Keep such intimate or disturbing details for later, when you are much surer of each other and want to take the interracial relationship to the next level.

Do away with the wishlist Many dating profiles are no better than shopping lists. Such lists are a big turn-off. Introducing a new partner to your parents is already a daunting enough task as it is. Before you completely give up hope that your interracial relationship will be able to assimilate into your family, try these tips below to make the introduction go as well as possible.

This is not the case. It can lead to angry outbursts, awkward moments, and it puts your partner in a really uncomfortable and unfair position. Let them warm up to the idea of your partner by sharing positive stories. That way, when you do reveal that they are from a different race your parents will already view them in a positive light.