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I think many middle names would work, such as James or Gabriel. Definitely one of my name crushes along with Israel, Ezra, and Ethan. Roman just sounds very handsome and upright and elegant, a name that's rich with history, yet also has a friendly, boy-next-door mass appeal. It has the feel of Dylan and Ethan, but more international and effortlessly stylish and cool. I think Roman paired with a traditional middle name like Roman James or Roman William sounds terrific as a name combo. I really like Roman- my one small gripe with it is the fact that as pointed out by a previous commenter it's equivalent to Parisian, Londoner, Sicilian etc.

But it's a minor thing- most of the time that doesn't really come to mind. I am Latin and want a name that works both in English and Spanish. I love how its pronounced in Spanish! I don't think people think about the demonym. It just sounds cool. People name their kids Francis and Frances which has "France" in it.

I know way too many girls named China. There's nothing wrong with Roman. If we are going to apply that logic to names, we might as well cross Adrian and Atticus of the list, because you wouldn't name him Californian or New Yorker right? Probably because Roman is similar to popular names like Ronan, Roland and people just want a more unusual name with the same feel and sound. I don't get it. You wouldn't name him Chinese or Russian, right? So why Roman? And that romance connection is a bit much I really do not like how this name sounds in English.

Okay so I thought Molly Ringwald was crazy when she named her son Roman, but since then a woman at my church has welcomed a son named Roman and it's grown on my completely! Though the sibset is sorta odd: Molly, Grace, Jacob, and Roman. I love this name! It's my top choice for a baby boy. It's strong and unique and has great cultural relevance to it. Logout My Stuff Login Register. Share Roman on Facebook Share on Facebook.

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Dislike the name Roman Dislike. Follow Roman Follow Follow Roman. Login Register. Yes No. From the experts: Roman -- a surprise hit name of recent years -- owes much of its popularity to Cate Blanchett and Debra Messing, who almost simultaneously chose Roman for their sons, as Molly Ringwald did later. Find other names based on Roman using our baby name generator. Please add to or correct the information provided by other members of the Nameberry community. Cancel Save. Comments breprih Says: T Roman hit the top for !

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Catalan1 Says: T Love Roman he is my eldest boy! Roman Harvey Dash.. Love Roman. Guest Says: T I don't think people think about the demonym. VendiCA Says: T If we are going to apply that logic to names, we might as well cross Adrian and Atticus of the list, because you wouldn't name him Californian or New Yorker right?

ShannonLim Says: T Probably because Roman is similar to popular names like Ronan, Roland and people just want a more unusual name with the same feel and sound. Hydra Says: T I don't get it.

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Since the zoological hare seldom appears in the Bible — in only two places, Leviticus Apparently, then, the hare per se was not interesting to the Church Fathers. In the centuries preceding the advent of the bestiaries, i. Benndorf Leipzig: B.

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Teubner, , I. Boswell, Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality: gay people in West- ern Europe from the beginning of the Christian era to the fourteenth century Chicago: University of Chicago Press, , pp. The text of one of the late bestiaries of the Second Family12 and the bestiary of the Fourth Family13 are based on the encyclopedias by Vincent de Beauvais and Bartholomaeus Anglicus respectively,14 and constitute, strictly speaking, a paraphrase of the above-mentioned passages in Aristotle and Pliny.

The moralizations are absent. It is a swift animal and also timorous. To this animal inconstant people are likened, who being dissolute, as they are neither man nor woman, that is, neither faithful nor treacherous nor cold nor hot, are with- out doubt those of whom Solomon said: a doubleminded man, unstable in all his ways. Reprint of the Frankfurt, edition Frankfurt: Minerva, , MS Bodley — further on. The short chapter on rabbits in the bestiaries of the third family is taken from Isidore; it dwells on the etymology of the word cuniculus, and in reference to the accompanying illustration, mentions the fact that the rabbit is being chased by dogs.

These well-known points would not deserve detailed discussion were it not for one additional fact: the hare does appear elsewhere in the bestiaries, in the scenes of the Creation and of the Naming of the beasts. Nevertheless, my conclusions will also apply to the Creation scenes, as these two types constitute a whole from a semiotic and compositional point of view. The Naming scene is present in all families of the bestiary except for Family BIs. There are twenty-eight scenes of this kind. On chart No. As may be seen from the chart, the most popular animals are the bull, horse, deer and sheep, followed by the lion and hare, and then some distance behind them the goat, pig, E.

Droz, , p. On the connection between hares and the hyena see E. Petersburg, Gos. Bibliotheka Saltykova-Schedrina MS. I fol. Mura- tova and D. Poirion, Le Bestiaire Paris: P. Lebaud, , p. George and B.

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Royale MS fol. MS GkS 4o fol. MS fol. BM Salvatorberg Bestiary , fol. I—8, which describes the naming of the beasts by Adam. As a matter of fact, of the ten animals on the chart, nine appear in this text. There is no prima facie logical explanation of this fact. The 23 These statistics are based on those prepared by Prof.

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First, I have examined an additional Creation scenes; second, while Zahlten only counted the animals in scenes depicting the sixth day of Creation, I have also counted those which appear in depictions of the fifth day; and third, I have systematically re-examined all of the Creation scenes described by Zahlten, and have rectified some omissions I found in his data. I would like to thank Prof. Zahlten for providing me with data which was not included in his book.

The Hare and its Alter Ego in the Middle Ages 79 hare also occupies a prominent place here, being ahead of many other an- imals. Thus we witness a paradox: the hare, which has negative connotations in the bestiaries as well as in antiquity, occupies a place of honour in the Creation and Naming scenes. This paradox becomes more evident when we observe the position the hare occupies in Creation and Naming scenes both in bestiaries and beyond.

In the Naming scene from the Third Family bestiary e Musaeo, we see Adam giving names to the animals.

In this scene from a bestiary of the Second Family, St. When we look at the scene more closely, we notice 24 It may be posited that in fact the number of hares is even greater than we see on this chart. However, the crucial question of the actual positioning of beasts in these scenes has not been discussed at all. But there is one more focus of attention in this picture, which is the small hare peeping out from its small burrow28 — it should be noted that one of the sheep turns its head toward it.

All of the other animals duly look at Adam. Did this not disturb any of the illuminators painting this scene? In the second type of these scenes, the hare appears together with two other animals: the lion and the deer. The naming scene in the Rochester Bestiary32 is a typical representative of this type. Another example is the naming scene from the Ashmole Bestiary, where in the upper register we see two lions, a deer, a hare, a greyhound, and two birds, a stork or a crane and a hawk Ill.

Laurenziana, cod. Weitz- mann and M. Bernabo, The Byzantine Octateuchs. As mentioned previously, the hare appears in Scripture only twice. But this is only part of the truth.