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How our Bible came to us J How the grinch stole Christmas! How to write a book in a day Winston I believe I love you more than rainbows I touch the future I'd choose you: giving the blessing to your child J If God cares, why do I still have problems? If with all your heart Image of a man in C. Lewis Inspirational writings of Robert H. Intellectual devotional American history, The: revive your mind, complete your education, and converse confidently about our nation's past KID Kidder, David S.

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Layman's Bible Book Commentary: vol. Layman's Bible book commentary: 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, volume 21 Layman's Bible book commentary: Acts, volume 19 Layman's Bible book commentary: Exodus, vol.

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Layman's Bible book commentary: Ezekiel, Daniel Layman's Bible book commentary: Isaiah, volume 10 Layman's Bible book commentary: Jeremiah, Lamentations, volume 11 Left behind? Letters to an American lady Life of Baptists in the life of the world, The Biog. An HPPC staff member at the time found herself facing some major car repairs that she had not anticipated and could not afford.

The church was able to come to her aid financially and reassured her that someday she might be in the position to return the assistance to someone else. In , while she was buying a new car, the Spirit of this gracious support reminded her and nudged her to send a contribution back to the church in gratitude.

Her request was that HPPC use her gift to bless as many people as possible, and it became the seed money for a ministry that reaches out to those who have welcomed a new addition to their family through birth or adoption, experienced the loss of a loved one or have been recently discharged from the hospital. With the skilled coordination of the Congregational Care staff, a committee of 10 works diligently to identify the families that should receive the deliveries, prepares the meals and then packs them in embossed craft bags adorned with tissue, ribbon and an angel-shaped card.

HPPC deacons are then called to deliver the meal to the family. Cathy Fletcher was one of the first recipients of an Angel Food delivery after the passing of her 90 year-old father. I had to drive my son to college at University of Richmond. I shared it with my mother on her birthday that very night. Another recipient said the visit meant so much that after she heals from surgery, she wants to become an Angel too.

Praise be to God. To become an Angel, contact Elaine Curtis at Historically, the confirmation class, consisting of primarily seventh grade boys and girls, culminated nine months of study, service and fellowship by taking their vows in the Sanctuary in the spring.

However, for the class, 54 children shepherded by 44 sponsors will take their church membership vows in September. We knew something needed to be changed. Go to hppc. Over the summer, the Board of Directors named Sarah Good to the position for the upcoming school year. She was appointed interim director earlier this year after longtime director Carrie Parsons announced her retirement.

On Aug. Now offering full-day options for Beginner and Pre-K students, the school is meeting the needs of the community and is committed to furthering its mission of developing disciples of Jesus Christ through academic excellence. Stop by the Day School office to meet Sarah Good and the entire administrative team for the school year between 8 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday, to have all your questions answered.

They look forward to working with the HPPC community for the upcoming school year. Shortly after my conversion, I attended a youth conference called Acquire the Fire, a clever title for the latest, edgy conference for those with an attention span of about 38 seconds. Whether this conference was a rock concert is still a question I have, but what I learned at this show was that if you play the right chords at the right time, say the right words with enough dramatic pauses and dramatize the lighting effectively, everybody in the room gets saved … until they need to be reconverted at the next conference.

God was not opposed to services of worship. So then the fundamental question becomes this: Can contemporary worship be done in such a way that it brings ultimate praise to God while speaking the music language of a certain culture? In fact, I would say we could look to Jesus himself as the model for speaking the language of the culture. Through His Incarnation, Jesus enters the first-century culture and ministers through it, not around it. He uses their customs and traditions in order to communicate the Gospel because those are things with which people are familiar.

In the same way, the intention of every contemporary worship service should be to work with and through the culture in order to proclaim the Gospel. Mainly, that the music is often geared more toward getting an emotional reaction from the congregation rather than placing Christ at the center. In so doing, they have gone too far in their desire to reach the culture.

What you use to win souls with is what you will win those souls to.

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Hiding the Gospel under culture in order to reach the culture reaches that culture with no Gospel at all. Highland Park Presbyterian has a unique culture, in that it has both a strong traditional and a strong contemporary contingent, and we have both styles of worship so we can have a faithful witness to the community that God has placed us in.

Contemporary worship at HPPC will always seek to be Christ-centered, reformed and contextualized in that order. I apologize in advance if this means we may never have a smoke machine. It was a great night to recognize each of these young students for all the hard work they had accomplished. The young adults encouraged every student by writing individual notes to each graduate, and they coordinated all the food and festivities.

Also, being there in person to help with the special night and celebrate with the fifth-grade families made a big impact. The top priorities for the school that the workday aimed to accomplish were to move everything out of the classrooms for summer cleaning, landscape the front and side of the school,. Forty people registered, but 60 people showed up to help.

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What an amazing turnout! That morning, eight local children from West Dallas came to help too. They received T-shirts, worked hard together and made new friendships. We worked hard as the tasks were farreaching. It was hot and muggy, but everyone went above what they were asked to do, and it was a true blessing to be part of this event. There are many ways for you to get busy doing exactly that through our Adopt-a-School partnership, so please consider how you can participate.

Events, dates and time are subject to change and reflect information received when sent to press. For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. If you want to share news of births, baptisms, marriages or deaths, please contact Elaine Curtis in Congregational Care at or elaine.

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Hal Holz, passed away on May 14, Sympathy to his daughter, Cathy Fletcher and family. Luther Rogers, passed away on May 18, Sympathy to his wife, Jane Rogers. George Seminoff, passed away on May 19, Sympathy to his wife, Sharon Seminoff. Marguerite Green, passed away on May 22, Sympathy to her husband, Rev. Roger Green and family. Lee Bowen, passed away on June 7, Sympathy to her son, J. Dave Clarkson, passed away on June 9, Sympathy to his son, Doug Clarkson and family. Dan Murchison Craddock Jr. Sympathy to his son, Tom Craddock, and family; and his daughter, Lila Marshall and family.

Sympathy to her daughter, Pedie Bramblett and family. Grace Larmour Sigler, passed away on July 1, Sympathy to her daughter, Penny Horton and family. Ernestine Van Buren, passed away on July 3, Robert Schermerhorn, passed away on July 3, Sympathy to his sister, Linda Brown and family. Marrian Kerr, passed away on July 7, Sympathy to her son, Guy Kerr and family; and her daughter Janet Smith and family.

Wallace Meador, passed away on June 12, Sympathy to his wife, Jean Meador. Robert Bruce Schneider, passed away on June 16, Sympathy to his son, Donald Schneider and family. Zion Kamau, passed away on June 19, How many of you in this room have bitcoin. How many of you in this Marion Browns Southern Cookbook are terrorists, pedophiles, drug dealers or criminals. You see the thing about Marion Browns Southern Cookbook is while they push this story, every now and then someone who has never heard of bitcoin notices two important things.

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